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Toxic Workplace -> Coaching

Are you working in a toxic workplace? Are your co-workers constantly in fighting and in conflict? or Are you the victim of workplace bullying? Does your leadership or management team have what it takes to lead or manage effectively???

A toxic or unhealthy workplace can not only be detrimental to workplace productivity, but it can also have long lasting effects on organisational culture, leadership, managerial efficiency, teamwork and general wellbeing and mental health of the entire organisation. Turning workplaces into a positive place to work, makes good sense.



WELLBEING MINDER - Counsellor Campbelltown

Gracie Potamianakis - Registered Counsellor & Coaching Specialist (Specialist areas: Anxiety & Depression, PTSD, Relationship Counselling, Personal Development, Career & Workplace Issues...more... Stress, Sleep Disorders, Post Natal Depression, Relationship & Family, Parenting, Bullying, Grief & Loss, Anger, Burnout, Academic Performance, Career Development, Executive Coaching.

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