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Relationship Counselling

Our range of specialist counselling services include relationship counselling.

What is relationship counselling?

People benefit immensely from relationship counselling as it helps couples overcome difficulties that have been keeping them stuck, and move them forwards towards positive union.


Here at Wellbeing Minder we use a unique relationship methodology for facilitating relationship development for couples.  Our aim is to help couples address their problems in a positive way by helping them to raise awareness of hidden factors, clarify the issues, explore options, and develop strategies to better manage, and to ultimately build connection factors that strengthen the union.  


Common issues experienced by couples

  • Feeling like you are in a insecure relationship

  • Fighting and conflict

  • Disagreements, misunderstandings

  • Lack of healthy communication

  • Sexless marriage

  • Lack of healthy emotional closeness

  • Distrust and infidelity

  • Loneliness 

  • Unhealthy work ethic

  • Feeling out of love with their partner

  • Feeling stuck in hassles of life

  • Feeling unloved and unworthy

  • Feeling overburdened with responsibilities

  • Unhealtlhy Work/life balance

  • Interrupting family and inlaws

  • Financial trouble

  • Lack of shared vision and dreams

  • Not feeling happy anymore

Take your 1st step now!

Many people surf the net not knowing where to start.  They know they need help and want to book a session immediately, but are unsure of how or where to start.  Start here - this short 'relationship quiz' below will

expose possible focus areas for working on your relationship.  It is just a starting point but can be a useful discussion point for you and your partner to consider before coming to session.



How did you score? Interested in going to the next step! Make a Booking Today

Our clients have access to convenient after hours booking times, if required.  Please get in touch, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.


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