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Don't leave it till its too late -> Relationship Counselling

According to an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald, relationship counselling does not work for 25-30% of people, yet 40% of couples who divorce did not seek counselling. So as it stands roughtly 1 in 5 couples with problems seek help!

The article suggests (as does my experience counselling couples) that leaving it too long before getting help (ie: decades and decades of a dissatisifed marriage) is often harder to rekindle and make good.

I would suggest seeking help sooner than later. Don't let life get in the way. Living an authentic relationship should be a priority for all couples.


WELLBEING MINDER - Counsellor Campbelltown

Gracie Potamianakis - Registered Counsellor & Coaching Specialist (Specialist areas: Anxiety & Depression, PTSD, Relationship Counselling, Personal Development, Career & Workplace Issues...more... Stress, Sleep Disorders, Post Natal Depression, Relationship & Family, Parenting, Bullying, Grief & Loss, Anger, Burnout, Academic Performance, Career Development, Executive Coaching.

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