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Counselling & Personal Development

Counselling is not always for people with mental health issues. In fact people see counsellors for all sorts of reasons. Counselling is in fact a personal development strategy, and allows you to psychologically develop and become the person you have always wanted to be. It helps you understand yourself and others better, and as life situations and transitions are constant, it is often the case that mental processes need to be 'upgraded' so to speak, in order to better manage and thrive with the new situation that sits before you.


WELLBEING MINDER - Gracie Potamianakis

Registered Counsellor & Coaching Practitioner

Counsellor Campbelltown Anxiety & Depression Specialist

Coaching Practitioner Campbelltown Personal Development

(Specialist areas: Anxiety & Depression, PTSD, Relationship Counselling, Personal Development, Career & Workplace Issues, Stress, Sleep Disorders, Post Natal Depression, Relationship & Family, Parenting, Bullying, Grief & Loss, Anger, Burnout, Academic Performance, Career Development, Executive Coaching.

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