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Wellbeing Minder

Centric Park Building -

Suite 223/4 Hyde Parade

Campbelltown (Park Central), NSW 2560

(please note our clients have access to our convenient private parking)

  • Individual

  • Relationship

  • Family

  • Workplace

  • NDIS



Counselling Service

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Individual - Relationship - Family - Workplace

Specialist Counselling & Coaching

Here at Wellbeing Minder we have the psychological expertise to help our clients better manage through life's challenges and adversities, strengthen through change, and walk courageously into a future that they have had choice in creating.  


Our role is not just to help our clients bounce back from adversity, or learn skills & strategies to cope - but rather to help people do the work that allows them to develop into better versions of themselves.  Better, stronger, wiser than before!

We work with individuals, couples, families and workplaces.  Get in touch!

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Book a nominated appointment time on-line and it will be confirmed as soon as possible.  For immediate confirmation please ring the office directly.

Psychological Services
Individual Counselling
Counselling offers therapeutic support for gaining awareness and managing uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Counselling is usually specific and is more suitable for those that require focused support and guidance in certain areas. All areas of life are catered for, we also have specialities in anxiety & depression.
Relationship Counselling
Family Counselling
Learn to build meaningful and positive relationships with every family member, for deeper connection and happiness.
Workplace Counselling
Counselling to assist with personal or work related stress that is impacting your overall wellbeing.
Success Coaching
If you have high standards of personal development then coaching is for you, this dynamic and systemic approach helps you attain your goals the quickest way possible. It uses a different approach to counselling. Coaching is geared to factor in all of life's challenges and opportunities. It involves changing mindsets, innovating change, and reaching your potential.
Group Programs
Group Programs
Anger Management
Corporate/Wellbeing Services
Corporate Services
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Through therapeutic counselling support - people are given the tools, skills and strategies to increase their capacity to better manage life's challenges and opportunities for happiness, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment in life.


Or if you need something less therapeutic, more dynamic and forward moving, coaching integrates a holistic approach (incorporating life & work) to support fast paced learning to those that thrive in that kind of environment.

Life Skills

  • School Transitions

  • Adolescence

  • Building Personality

  • Parenting & Family

  • Resilience & Wellbeing

  • Adjusting to Change

  • Marriage & Relationships

  • Life Transitions

Social Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Making Friends

  • Influencing Others

  • Workplace Communication

  • Better Relationships

  • Work Skills

  • Career Development

  • Managing Workplace Change

Self Care

  • Anxiety & Depression Management

  • Stress Management

  • Anger Management

  • Assertiveness & Confidence

  • Sleep Better

  • Meditation

  • Mental Fitness


Contact Us

Office: Campbelltown - Park Central location NSW

We are super easy to find, close to the private hospital, and right next door to Pancakes on the Rocks Campbelltown,

take lift to level 2. (Our clients have reserved private parking with Wellbeing Minder)